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  • I am an Assistant Professor in interaction design and user experience (UX) research at the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business, University of Waterloo.
  • I direct the Safe Interactions Lab, a research lab that aims to improve people’s technology experiences, knowledge, and  practices, focusing on computer security, online privacy, and digital literacy.
  • I have a background in Computer Science (PhD), Human-Computer Interaction (MASc), and Graphic Design (BDes).
  • I am artistic and enjoy working with my hands. I create hand-made marbled papers and medieval limp-bindings.
  • Others say I am kind, calm, and friendly.

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Sample Design & Research Projects

Teaching Philosophy

I am both a teacher and a pupil. I feel so inspired by the work my students do every day. I view teaching as a lifelong commitment to learning. As technology changes rapidly, we, as designers, must constantly re-examine our medium and update our knowledge. As a teacher, I must impart a commitment to lifelong learning to my students by making it exciting and empowering.


I teach at the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business, University of Waterloo.


Teaching in Fall 2023
GBDA414: Special Topics in Interaction Design

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Research Interests

My research reflect interdisciplinary work between three focal areas: 1) building multimedia interactive tools to improve mental models for digital privacy and security; 2) understanding end-user and practitioner privacy perceptions and practices; and 3) defining the privacy and security user experience. These research programs have produced new and specialized scientific knowledge, fostered industry partnerships and engagement with specialized user groups (e.g., designers, developers, teachers, children), and mobilized the knowledge into publicly disseminated resources and tools.


Artsy Stuff

When I am not designing, teaching, and conducting research, I like to reconnect with my roots in art and design. I specialize in creating handmade marbled papers and medieval leather limp-bindings.

Leather binding
Marbled paper
Marbled paper
Leather binding
Leather binding
Marbled paper

Get in Touch

That’s all for now folks!  You can find me on Linkedin and Instagram. you can also shoot me an email at lzhangkennedy@uwaterloo.ca