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Sample Design & Research Projects

Teaching Philosophy

I am both a teacher and a pupil. I feel so inspired by the work my students do every day. I view teaching as a lifelong commitment to learning. As technology changes rapidly, we, as designers, must constantly re-examine our medium and update our knowledge. As a teacher, I must impart a commitment to lifelong learning to my students by making it exciting and empowering.


I teach at the Stratford School of Interaction Design and Business, University of Waterloo.


Teaching in Fall 2020
GBDA228: Digital Imaging of Online Applications
GBDA310: Advanced User Experience  Research

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Research Interests

My research and interests primarily center on multimedia education. My work investigates educational methods for teaching complex topics such as computer security to adults and children. The ultimate goal of my research is to bridge the results with the needs of the general public so they can directly benefit from It. For example, my work on novel methods of educating users about computer security and privacy demonstrated superior learning and behavioural outcomes compared to mainstream methods. The prototypes became useful public online resources.


Artsy Stuff

When I am not designing, teaching, and conducting research, I like to reconnect with my roots in art and design. I specialize in creating handmade marbled papers and medieval leather limp-bindings.

Leather binding
Marbled paper
Marbled paper
Leather binding
Leather binding
Marbled paper

Get in Touch

That’s all for now folks!  You can find me on Linkedin and Instagram. you can also shoot me an email at lzhangkennedy@uwaterloo.ca